Pula | Private Driver and Chauffeur

Istria, our largest peninsula, has an interesting and burning past full of unusual surrenders. Pula especially attracts travelers with their natural beauties and long history. But apart from the legends and historic buildings, Pula and its surroundings abound with a variety of natural resources. Without walks through a well-preserved and harmoniously designed natural oasis, Pula is impossible to meet. Most of the visitors to Pula will visit the Arena, the most impressive Roman Amphitheater, which is the sixth largest in the world, or perhaps the Forum of the 1st century, perhaps the Golden Gate or the ancient ramparts, but the real challenge is hidden in the parks and parks of Pula. The largest city park in Monte Zaro, Naval Park, the old archeological park, the Arenas Park are just some of the parks that hide a lot of interesting stories ready to find out for you. Do you know who planted millennial pitfalls in Pula? Where is the octagonal Roman mausoleum hidden? Which park has the most colorful flora? Learn the answers to these questions and meet the parks of Pula. If nature can really tell your story, you will surely come to the park for a walk through the forest of Šijana, which reaches the winding roads just a few kilometers away from Pula. Make sure that walking the parks and getting to know nature is exactly what is needed to round up the story of Pula.